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Permanent Makeup (Micropigmentation)

Look your best without all the work!

Permanent cosmetic makeup – micropigmentation – safely inserts natural pigment color into the skin to enhance various areas of the face.  Although a cosmetic treatment, permanent makeup can benefit many types of people…

  • People who cannot wear cosmetics because of allergies or sensitive skin
  • Active or athletic individuals who want an alternative to re-applying topical makeup
  • People with vision impairments
  • Those unable to apply makeup because of arthritis, unsteady hands, or other motor challenges

Permanent Makeup can be applied as…

  • Permanent Eyebrows
  • Permanent Top and/or Bottom Eyeliner
  • Permanent Lip Liner
  • Permanent Full Lip Color

This specialized procedure requires training and certification by an aesthetician.  Our permanent makeup expert, April Tourdot, is a licensed cosmetic aesthetician with additional certification in Advanced Permanent Cosmetics.

What to Expect

During an initial consultation, April will determine if you are a good candidate for permanent makeup.  She will help you choose pigment colors and explain the procedure.  Permanent Makeup takes about 1.5 hours to perform.  Typically, 1 or 2 follow-up visits are needed to ensure correct color, shape, and pigment density.

Some discomfort may be associated with the procedure, which is minimized by applying a topical anesthetic.  During the procedure, minor bleeding or bruising may occur; swelling may last 2-72 hours; the area may be tender for a few days.  During the first 7-10 days, the color will appear darker than the final result.

Permanent Makeup cannot be washed off.  The treated area should retain its color for a long time.  If the color does fade, it can be refreshed with an additional treatment.  Please note, a consultation is required prior to having any treatment done.

What is Permanent Makeup? by April Tourdot


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