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Photorejuvenation (IPL)

Thanks to photorejuvenation technology, skin imperfections, such as unwanted pigment and blood vessels, can be cleared up quickly and easily with little downtime and without invasive surgery.

Photorejuventation can be used on the face, neck, chest, arms, hands and legs to dramatically improve…

  • Sun Spots
  • Age Spots
  • Rosacea
  • Spider Veins on the Face, Neck and Chest
  • Capillaries
  • Other results of aging and lifestyle choices

With photorejuvenation, pulses of light target pigment and vessels without harming surrounding tissue.  The result is a more even skin tone, which equates to more radiant skin.  Best of all, improvement can be seen immediately.

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What to Expect

Photorejuvenation, or IPL (Intense Pulse Light), is a cosmetic treatment that addresses skin imperfections, such as an undesirable pigment and/or blood vessels, that develop as a part of aging or lifestyle choices.  Gentle pulses of light deliver energy into your skin, targeting vascular and pigmented lesions, which slowly disappear as your body’s natural healing process begins.

The procedure takes as little as 30 minutes.  Depending on the area’s size and condition, treatments range from one visit to several sessions scheduled a few weeks apart.  Most people feel little discomfort during the procedure, return to regular activities right away and see immediate improvement.

After treatment, many people experience a mild, sunburn-like sensation.  Minor swelling may occur immediately afterward, which can last 2 to 48 hours.  Your provider will discuss other possible side effects and post-treatment care with you.

Please note, a consultation is required prior to having the treatment performed.  Please call (864)233-8088 to schedule.


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